Something is Different!!!

If you have visited my site before, you’ll see a big difference.  What once was a site showcasing my original porn videos is now a blog for me to talk my shit.  However, you better believe I’m still going to be pushing my own videos.  That’s what keeps a rough over my head!

There in one big change, though.  I’ll now be focusing on promoting my many clip stores and my onlyfans site.  I found these are the projects that fans seem to enjoy the most.

I’ll get into more of that later, but just wanted to give you a quick heads up on what the new deal is.  Put it this way… in business, you have to learn to adapt to new trends.  The people have spoken.  I listened.

  • Jimmy Hooligan

Ass Up Facial

I fucking love asses and Ivy Bleu has a nice phat one that just gets my dick so hard! You have to see the way it swallows up her little g-string as she swallows a hard white cock. HP pumps her face making it nice and messy and then blasts her point blank in the kisser with a huge cumshot. Then, she sits up and rubs that pretty hairless cunt while the cum drips from her chin.

8 minutes 21 seconds


Tits Built for Fucking

Have you ever fucked a pair of big, soft and natural tits? If you have, you know how incredible it feels sliding your cock between a nice greased up set of boobs. If you haven’t, all I can say is you’re really missing out. Anyway, in this scene, HP slides his meat between Ivy Bleu’s massive knockers. He pump fucks them as she squeezes them tightly to grip his cock. I guess it got her turned on as well because she even let him slide his raw cock inside her cunt. It didn’t take long for him to blow his load all over her face and mouth.

7 minutes 37 seconds


Hispanic Stripper Slut

Everyone… meet Natasha Nunez.  She’s a stripper from my hometown that has probably fell off the pole and banged her head one too many times.  She’s a perfect example of how to fuck everything good in your life.  Example.  Look at her stupid tattoos.  Example.  That 3 stooges haircut.  Example.  Absolutely zero personality.  It’s all good, though, because I’m not marrying this bitch, I’m just fucking her.  So let’s get right down to it.  She sucked my cock like she would a customer at the dive joint she strips.  She just blanks out and goes through the motions.  It didn’t make me feel that good, but a blowjob is still a blowjob.  I figured, fuck it, and just bent her over and fucked her doggy style.  That way, I didn’t have to look at her.  I wore a condom because she probably has AIDS.  I don’t need to catch that nonsense.  Her pussy felt good… well, good enough to make me cum.  I shot a load on my face and then instantly regretted wasting my money on her.

15 minutes 34 seconds