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Baby Face and the Cutest Lisp

Maggie X is 18 years old. She has the cutest face and the most adorable lisp ever. She also likes to fuck. So, today, Ivy Bleu and I brought her to a real dump of a hotel and shot some great porn. Before she even was finished getting ready, I had her on her knees giving me a sample of how she sucks cock. Once she was done putting her face on, the 3 of us got on the bed and got down to action. You’re going to see her first time licking black cunt and getting fingered by a black girl. Watch her face as I shove my cock down her throat. She’s disgusted and I love it!! Then, I just bend her phat ass over and start fucking her doggy style. 18 year old pussy is the best! Lots of great action and an even better cumshot on her face to cap it off.

23 minutes 55 seconds   –   1920 x 1080 mp4


Real Whores Lick Ass

Putting your tongue in the dirtiest of spots is what separates the real bitches from the posers.  No one can deny that Ivy Bleu and Kingsley are bad bitches to the core.  They take turns tongue fucking each other’s pretty little assholes.  Fingers are inserted as spit is used for lubricant.  Maybe it’s just me, but I love watching girls get nasty like this.  Way to go, girls!

8 minutes 8 seconds   –   1920 x 1080 mp4


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The First Gag

Tina Heart was introduced to me by a few of my followers on social media.  They told me about some black whore looking to get into the business and trying to find her first legit shoot.  You guys know me… I’m always looking to help out a whore in need, so we set something up.  I shoved my cock so far down her goofy face that she didn’t know which way was up.  She knew my reputation and wanted to give deep throating cocks a try but when the rubber met the road, she found it hard to push forward.  Luckily, I did.  After I loosened up her throat, I got into that cunt.  Dude… she has some meaty lips.  Usually something like that would gross me out, but it felt great the way it gripped my cock like a glove.  I pump fucked that little pussy and then dumped a nice size load all over her noggin.  Of course… my bitch, Ivy Bleu, was there to help keep things on track.  She even jumped in for a bit.

18 minutes 15 seconds   –   1920 x 1080 mp4


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Panty Sisters for Life

Ivy Bleu and Kingsley are about to share in a bond stronger than any sorority pledge.  How so?  Well, first they rub their panty covered pussies to get them all nice and lubricated with their wetness.  Then, they take off and hand them over to each other.  The next step?  Well… that’s where things get intimate.  Both girls stuff the other’s panties deep inside their cunts.  Once their nice and soaked, they pull them out, give them back and put them back on.  Now they’re panty sisters for life.

6 minutes 24 seconds   –   1920 x 1080 mp4


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