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The Cheating Housewife

Shanin is married… well, she was when I filmed this.  Sad truth is she made this video behind her husband’s back.  I’ll never forget that.  I’ve been trying to fuck her for a while now and she finally caved.  Times got tough and she really needed the money.  So, we set up a meet at a real cheap hotel.  I was so fucking excited.  Her pussy was freshly shaved and looked so tight.  Plus, she’s so skinny but with a big ass.  I started off by fucking her face.  That, I can assure you, she wasn’t into.  I thrust my cock deep, making her gag.  If she wants to act like a whore, I’m going to treat her like a whore.  Next, I fucked that little pussy until I blew a huge load all over her face.

11 minutes 35 seconds   –   1920 x 1080 mp4


Too Hot to be a Hoe

Santana Harper is fucking fine… I’m talking out of my league fine.  If I wasn’t paying her, she wouldn’t even bat an eye my way.  But alas, she’s a whore.  She has sex for money.  She has to swallow her pride, not to mention countless loads, to pay her bills.  Lucky for me, I had a couple extra bucks and she was in town.  Her body is super tight.  Her pussy is even tighter.  I did my best not to cum in my pants and actually muster up a scene.

10 minutes 5 seconds   –   1920 x 1080 mp4


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