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Baby Face and the Cutest Lisp

Maggie X is 18 years old. She has the cutest face and the most adorable lisp ever. She also likes to fuck. So, today, Ivy Bleu and I brought her to a real dump of a hotel and shot some great porn. Before she even was finished getting ready, I had her on her knees giving me a sample of how she sucks cock. Once she was done putting her face on, the 3 of us got on the bed and got down to action. You’re going to see her first time licking black cunt and getting fingered by a black girl. Watch her face as I shove my cock down her throat. She’s disgusted and I love it!! Then, I just bend her phat ass over and start fucking her doggy style. 18 year old pussy is the best! Lots of great action and an even better cumshot on her face to cap it off.

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Sex with the Skank

Everyone has that fuck friend that is beat up from the feet up, right?  If you can’t think of who that may be, then it’s you.  Regardless… Pinkee may be a total dumpster fire but this slut fucks like a champ and lets me have my way with her.  I took her to a dump motel and had her warm her throat up by sucking down a dildo and fucking herself with it.  Then, I hopped in and used her mouth and pussy.  I fucked her with reckless regard and then dumped a thick load right into her mouth.  For real, though… her pussy feels good and she always lets me hit it raw!

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The Cheating Housewife

Shanin is married… well, she was when I filmed this.  Sad truth is she made this video behind her husband’s back.  I’ll never forget that.  I’ve been trying to fuck her for a while now and she finally caved.  Times got tough and she really needed the money.  So, we set up a meet at a real cheap hotel.  I was so fucking excited.  Her pussy was freshly shaved and looked so tight.  Plus, she’s so skinny but with a big ass.  I started off by fucking her face.  That, I can assure you, she wasn’t into.  I thrust my cock deep, making her gag.  If she wants to act like a whore, I’m going to treat her like a whore.  Next, I fucked that little pussy until I blew a huge load all over her face.

11 minutes 35 seconds   –   1920 x 1080 mp4


Slim Cock Sucking Porn Star

There was a time when Cassidey rose to porn stardom. Those days have come and gone. However, before she became famous for her cock sucking abilities, she made little amateur dick suck videos like this. Here, she’s paired up with a no-name that goes by “Country”. I would have removed the “O” in the name if it were me, but I’m witty like that. Anyway… watch Cassidey chug down hillbilly cock and take a load in her mouth.

5 minutes 17 seconds   –   1280 x 720 mp4


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